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Porcelain Workshops

Julie runs workshops at her studios in Higherford Mill. Beginners Porcelain is either a one day course or a 5 week course for people to learn basic handbuilding skills in this beautiful and fine material. Intermediate Porcelain is a series of workshops that you can progress onto and explore the properties of porcelain further. The workshops are termly and will start in Sept 2014 There will be a number of one off workshops that will be run alongside the Arteach touring exhibtion around the North West

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Sculptural and functional ceramics using nature both as inspiration and material for her work. Julie works with both porcelain and brick clay to produce two diverse ranges of work which you can explore through the different galleries here.

Her work is a mixture of slab building and slip casting techniques. Hand building using porcelain and stoneware to create sculptures for the garden and the home like her whimsical birdhouses with 'my shed' and 'in the dog house' designs to the more robust animal sculptures in stoneware. Since being diagnosed with an autoimmune arthritis Julie has changed the way she creates her vases and vessel using a slip casting methods developing and creating her own plaster moulds turned on the lathe so each design is her own using Parian a type of porcelain which fires to a china white with a silky smooth surface to the touch. The decoration on the vases and vessels are now hand drawn to make each piece a 'one off'.

Julie has been using brick as a creative medium for a number of years now working to commission for architects and interior designers for clients such as Marks and Spencers and Wetherspoons in recent years. She also works with schools and community groups to make sculptural seating and site specific works and also way side markers for trails. Her first the Brick Kiln on the Wayside Arts Trail was short listed for the Brick Development Association Brick Awards 2006 in the Best Landscape category as was her brick seating at Witton Park High School in 2007 in the same category.

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julie miles artist ceramic and brick artist

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